Laser marking and engraving on die-cast components

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Laser engraving on raw components

The die casting process is a fundamental pillar in the manufacturing industry, particularly valued for its ability to produce components with precise details and tight tolerances. To further improve the traceability and authentication of these components, LASIT offers cutting-edge laser marking solutions, combining the precision of die casting with the most innovative laser technology.

Die-cast components are typically made of metal alloys such as aluminum, zinc or magnesium, which can be effectively marked through the use of laser machines. These LASIT systems, thanks to their advanced technology, are able to create clear, legible and long-lasting markings on die-cast components, without compromising their structure or integrity.

Marking Solution for Foundries

Laser marking on die-cast components offers numerous advantages. First of all, it allows precise and detailed marking, essential for barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers or other information that needs to be applied with millimeter precision. This helps ensure component traceability and compliance with quality standards.

Speed is another key advantage of laser marking. Unlike other marking methods, laser engraving is incredibly fast, saving valuable time on the production line. Furthermore, laser marking is a non-contact process, which means there is no physical wear and tear on the parts or tools, thus increasing the life of the machine and reducing maintenance costs.

LASIT‘s laser marking solutions for die-cast components are highly customizable. Whether you need to mark small batches of components or large volumes, our laser machines can be configured to meet your specific needs. The intuitive software allows complete control of the marking process, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

In terms of sustainability, laser marking is an eco-friendly option. Because the process is digital, there is no ink or solvent waste to deal with. This helps reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Laser marking on die cast components is an ideal solution for companies looking for a fast, precise and sustainable marking method. With its many years of experience in the sector, LASIT is the ideal partner to integrate laser marking solutions into your production line, ensuring optimal traceability and high component quality.

Laser marking in foundries represents a significant evolution in the traceability and identification of die-cast components. This technology is particularly suited to the foundry production environment, where the need to mark strong metal alloys is a priority.

Laser marking in a foundry allows you to engrave codes, serial numbers, company logos, or any other identifying information directly onto the surface of die-cast components. This technique not only ensures permanent identification but also helps to combat counterfeiting and facilitate monitoring of the product’s life cycle.

One of the main qualities of laser marking in this context is its non-invasive nature. Unlike other marking methods, the laser does not remove material or significantly alter the surface of the component. This means that the structural strength and material properties remain intact, a crucial aspect for components that often have to withstand high mechanical or thermal stress.

Furthermore, the flexibility of laser marking is particularly advantageous in foundries. With adaptability to various materials and the ability to easily program new designs or information, LASIT laser systems offer an efficient and versatile solution, reducing the time and costs associated with production changeover.

Finally, considering the environment of a foundry, where dust and high temperatures can be problematic for other types of machinery, LASIT laser marking solutions are designed to be robust and reliable, ensuring optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions